Sieur d’Arques to deploy ERP software Infor M3 to transform

Infor announced that French wine company Sieur d’Arques has selected to deploy the ERP software Infor M3 to transform the information systems.
Infor for enterprises
The IT overhaul project initiated with Infor and its partner Hetic3 was born from the increasing demand on the system from the winery’s growing commercial activities, which require each day more agility, flexibility, visibility, and integration of exploitable data.

“We wanted to standardize our business processes by capitalizing on a technological solution that would allow us to avoid developing specific functionalities and that would allow us to communicate, exchange and analyze crucial data within the framework of our growth in France and internationally,” said Pascal Vigata, Sieur d’Arques management controller and project manager.

The integration of the Infor M3 solution will be spread over two phases of 12 months each, one devoted to the commercial management part, the other to all activities involving the cooperative. It will occupy a team of nine people within the Maison Sieur d’Arques accompanied from start to finish by the Infor and Hetic3 teams.

Christophe Pino, Hetic3 sales manager, said: “The functional business processes and the high level of parameterization of Infor M3 will allow Sieur d’Arques to efficiently manage its production activities as well as its relations with all of the company’s distribution channels.”