SAP HANA managed services to support consumer products companies

SAP said the availability of managed service approach for SAP Trade Promotion Optimization and SAP Demand Signal Management applications delivered via the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud service will assist consumer products companies.

Consumer products companies can utilize data by deploying SAP’s enterprise data platform that manages the integration of relevant demand signals, internal and external, to align Big Data and enterprise data.


The SAP platform supports shopper demand forecasting and optimization to provide insights and outcomes to all consumer industries. SAP will be taking care demand signals, predictive models and business analytics as part of the managed services.

“With the integrated solution, delivered using the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, customers can rely on SAP as a partner in the management of Big Data and can gain insight into this information, leading to positive business outcomes not previously realized,” said E J Kenney, senior vice president, global head of Consumer Products, SAP.

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