Samsung launches dual digital display targeting retail and restaurants

Samsung India has launched its Digital Window Display OMN-D series that comes with dual display targeting retail outlets and restaurants.
Samsung OMN-D seriesSamsung OMN-D Series is a dual display, with screens on both sides, allowing retailers to maximize messaging. The window-facing screen features bright visuals and prominent positioning.

Indoor-facing displays enhance the shopping experience with content promoting sales, new merchandise and additional information about the store and its services. It reduces equipment and installation costs, increasing operational efficiency, compared to installing two separate displays.

The dual display feature on the OMN-D series delivers an image with flawless clarity. It is also designed to maintain superior picture quality even when exposed to direct sunlight. The OMN-D series is compatible with any window layout. It consumes a low amount of power, which allows businesses to reduce overall costs and optimise efficiency, considerably.

“The revolutionary Samsung OMN-D series of display signage is ideal for smart retailers as it offers fast and cost-efficient real-time updates for multiple displays,” said Puneet Sethi, vice president, Consumer Electronics Enterprise Business, Samsung India.

These in-window displays available in both 46 inch and 55 inch sizes give businesses an eye-catching display solution with vivid and crisp content and excellent visibility, even in direct sunlight, with 3,000 nit brightness and high contrast ratio of 5,000:1 all packed in a slim and neat design.

Each of the two screens on the OMN-D Series are adjusted for the environments in which they will be utilized. The OMN-D Series can be mounted on a stand or hung from a ceiling, giving retailers more options for positioning. The display can be activated with one electric power cord and one LAN cable.

The displays feature dust-proof IP5X-validation and three-step overheat protection for durable performance, along with their own embedded solution, MagicINFO S6 powered by Tizen 4.0 for streamlined content management.

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