Ruckus H320 AP targeting hotel industry will be priced at $285

ITC Infotech deploys helpdesk for FRHI Hotels Resorts, CanadaBrocade company Ruckus announced its wall-mounted access point (AP) – featuring the latest 802.11ac Wave 2 technology — to provide reliable Wi-Fi to hotel guests.

The Ruckus H320 AP and switch enables guests to simultaneously connect multiple devices to hotel Wi-Fi networks. The AP allows property managers to connect wired devices such as VoIP telephones and IP-ready televisions without dedicated per-device cabling.

The retail price of Ruckus H320 AP is $285.

Designed for deployment in every hotel room, the H320 AP delivers the required quality of service (QoS) to meet guest requirements for high-performing Wi-Fi to support their business and personal needs.

“The affordability of the solution will revolutionize the guest Wi-Fi experience throughout the hospitality industry,” said Ted Watson, vice president, global hospitality and multi-dwelling unit solutions, Ruckus.

Ruckus claims that the H320 AP is a cost-effective alternative to the full-featured, IoT-ready H510 AP and the DOCSIS-enabled, wall-mounted C110 AP and switch for use in hotels where only coax is available.

“In today’s competitive hospitality environment, our guests depend on and demand fast and reliable Wi-Fi. Ruckus Wi-Fi has proved itself a guest favorite,” said Jason Greene, information technology officer, Maine Course Hospitality Group.

The H320 AP and switch includes two fast Ethernet ports to enable connectivity for any wired in-room IP device, including IPTV, VoIP phones and IP cameras.

“Guest expectations and behaviors are continually changing and high-quality Wi-Fi is an investment with tremendous potential for hotels,” said Jim Duffy, senior network analyst, 451 Research.

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