Reggio Emilia hospital deploys Zebra Technologies WNS

Zebra Technologies has provided wireless solutions throughout the USL di Reggio Emilia hospital.
The staff of Reggio Emilia hospital can access patients’ medical records securely and in real time via mobile computers. With the Wireless Network Solution (WNS) provided by Zebra, costs associated with the hospital are also reduced as staff can make calls with Voice Over Wireless Local Area Network (VoWLAN).
Zebra’s WNS deployed by the hospital included multipurpose and modular access points, a centralised command centre and an AirDefense Services Platform and assured Wi-Fi access to employee and guest.
Before deploying Zebra’s wireless solution, the hospital was struggling with poor wireless coverage, delays in uploading patient information and increase in workload. The new wireless solution provided real time medical records on a secure network with protection and has improved patient care.

Zebra TechnologiesZebra’s wireless solution is productive and efficient with a reliable, robust wireless signal. Medical staff can use the solution throughout hospital premises, irrespective of network usage. Company officials said the staff will have centralized management of the solutions and complete network visibility.
USL Reggio Emilia’s new Wi-Fi system works with high-performing AP 6522 access points alongside AP 8132s with MOD 8132 sensor module internal antennas.
The company said the wireless solution is provided through its partner Mead Informatica.
“With medical records now being accessed and updated online and a requirement for VoWLAN, we needed an intelligent, high-performance, reliable network, which is fully secure, scalable and easy to manage. Zebra Technologies fulfilled all our needs, and user feedback has been exceptional,” said Mauro Barani, ICT Manager, USL di Reggio Emilia.
In February, the Miroglio Group selected Zebra Technologies wireless LAN solution to optimize information processes and transform them into a single omnichannel workflow.
In January, New York City Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) and its Wi-Fi service partner Transit Wireless used Zebra Technologies wireless local area network to provide connectivity to commuters on the New York City subway system.