Predictions on connected homes from Veego Software

Veego Software, an Israel-based startup that applies AI and other innovative technologies to generate data and insights from the connected home, has revealed predictions on the connected homes globally and the future of the market.
IoT and smart home
The global smart home market is forecast to grow to $53.45 billion by 2022, according to research firm Statista.

“2021 looks like another banner year for the connected home especially in the wake of the COVID pandemic,” Veego CEO Amir Kotler said.

Prediction 1: Data, and lots of it

New technologies, especially AI, will enable the generation and collection of all sorts of data about what millions of users are doing on the internet, what home devices they are employing, what kinds of apps they are utilizing, and more. With insights gained from this data, media, app, device, and other providers will increasingly track and perfect their customers’ experience as they shop, learn, and play online.

Prediction 2: WiFi 6 will be flying off the shelves

Known in technical circles as 802.11ax, the new WiFi standard is already operating on a new generation of routers. Delivering improved security, lower battery consumption, increased capacity, and higher data rates, WiFi 6 is ideal for accommodating all those new smart devices home-internet users are installing.

Prediction 3: Measurement of Customer Experience over the internet

Communication Service Providers, media companies, and smart device manufacturers all want to measure Customer Experience (CX), and now they can. They also can find out how their service stacks up against competitors and how customers go about deciding among them.

Prediction 4: Malfunctions will be moving toward the devices

Till now, most home connectivity problems (75-90 percent) have been concentrated around the home router and WiFi signals. As routers become more powerful and capable, they will be responsible for relatively fewer problems. Now that internet users are working and learning more from home, pesky malfunctions will increasingly originate in new smart devices being installed in increasing numbers.

Prediction 5: Self-Care is prompt care

Communication Service Providers, online media companies, and smart-device manufacturers are being crushed by the volume of support calls and the time and complexity of dealing with them, not to mention the astronomical expenses. AI technology and all that new data will tell users at home what is causing connectivity problems along with recommendations for fixing them, deflecting and shorting support calls and making users happier with the prompt and effective care.

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