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Today, we are going to take a look at some of the most popular and useful pieces of sports tech that are not just trending because they are new, but because of the fact that they have the potential to improve viewership, boost popularity and improve the performance of professional players.
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Let’s get straight to it.

Use of Artificially Intelligent Software to Find Talent and Strategize

AI is everywhere in sports technology, so rest assured that it’s not just a buzzword by any means. Consider Full Venue, which is a smart software that can be surprisingly accurate with its predictions regarding the likelihood of fans buying tickets to a match venue and can also be used to strategize marketing for better fan involvement.

Then of course, we have ReSpo.Vision to consider. It is an artificially intelligent algorithm which analyzesfootball matches to help scouts find talent from different corners of the globe. It can also be used by club managers to plan for their next match against a tough opponent, through analyzing their game plans, key players, aggressive / defensive strategies, etc. These are just two of the many other examples of AI trends that are changing professional sports from more angles than we can count.

Incredibly Realistic Golf Simulations

We will get to virtual reality next, but in this particular instance, we are not discussing VR golfing simulations, because they are not comparable to Golf Simulation software +monitor combos in terms of accuracy, data analysis and their ability to actually improve a player’s real life golfing prowess. These have been around for a few years now, but recent advancements made in golf simulation technology have made them incredibly popular and useful.

The main advantage that golf monitors have over their VR counterparts is in how they manage to mix reality with simulation. Whereas you are only pretending to hold a club and swing it in a VR simulation game, a golf launch monitor has you holding a real golf club and hitting a real golf ball for indoor or outdoor practice, but without the need to visit an actual golf course. They come in all price ranges, starting at prices as low as $499, to as high as $20,000+. For those looking to find golf a monitor + simulation software package which would suit their current budget and available indoor/yard space, this is a good option to find the best golf monitors across all ranges.

VR Sports Simulation

Virtual reality has a lot of potential and, depending on which sport is being discussed, advancements have been made to even qualify VR games as sports simulations. Unfortunately, the rate of progress is not yet there in most of these simulators for professionals, or even any serious amateurs to consider them for real practice. The only exception to this rule would be the Eleven Table Tennis game, which has been improved slowly into a nearly flawless simulation of the actual game. Even though the project started back in 2016, as of now, Eleven is a different game altogether, in comparison to what it was five-years ago.

The fundamentals of most games have not changed in decades, or even centuries in some instances. However, sports tech has both actively and passively improved nearly every aspect of all popular forms of sport. Some of these technological impacts are more widely known than others but rest assured that there’s plenty that even the professionals are not completely aware of. More is yet to come in 2021, especially as digital broadcasting and simulation games reached new standards last year to sustain sporting events in the middle of the ongoing pandemic.

Baburajan Kizhakedath

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