PhonePe deploys over 1 mn SmartSpeakers, processes over 1 bn transactions

PhonePe has deployed over 10 lakh SmartSpeakers to merchant partners and processed over 100 crores (1 billion) transactions via the devices, within 3 months of launch.
PhonePe SmartSpeakers
The volume of digital transactions at businesses has increased at 175 percent during Covid owing to the consumer adoption of digital payments. This has amplified the demand for stronger payment validation mechanisms, especially in instances where it is challenging to keep track of several transactions carried out during peak hours at various QRs.

PhonePe’s SmartSpeakers has features like instant payment alerts, and a very high level of reliability, enabling merchants to no longer worry about any unauthorized transactions in their absence. The ease of receiving payment notifications in English and 10 Indian languages, and the sound clarity makes payment validation easier in the noisiest of environments, making it a preferred choice amongst merchants.

PhonePe SmartSpeaker comes with dedicated data connectivity and is easy to operate without requiring any configuration, and it gets automatically linked to all the QRs in the merchant’s store. It has a dedicated battery level LED indicator, along with audio alerts for low battery level, a replay button for the last transaction, and supports multiple languages.

PhonePe has been a pioneer in enabling end-to-end payment solutions and building new offerings for merchant partners to make it easier for them to run and grow their business. The company was first to launch the interoperable QR codes, making it simple for merchants to accept digital payments from any UPI enabled apps.

PhonePe, India’s leading fintech platform, was the first to also launch Photo QR codes– addressing the need for personalization and safeguarding businesses against fraudulent transactions.