Pellegrini deploys Gemalto for digital meal voucher program

Pellegrini, an issuer of meal vouchers and delivers 35 million units every year, has selected Gemalto for a solution for their EMV digital meal voucher program.

Gemalto will deliver digital meal voucher program in Italy and it involves country’s most important payment process, Gestori Terminali. The program is compatible with existing EMV terminals.

Earlier the company has to deliver the paper vouches to its employees physically but now with the new paperless program it can load monthly meal allowances automatically and remotely.

The benefits of paperless processing and invoicing are that merchants can now reimburse faster and administration is more efficient and the risk of fraudulent is also minimized.

The company said that the digital vouchers can be redeemed quickly and easy and it is similar as using debit or credit card and there is no need for merchants to invest in POS infrastructure.


In February 2015, Etisalat, UAE’s telecom company, has adopted Gemalto’s mobile NFC solution for corporate access control. With this solution the management of the company can securely access its head office and facilities with a single tap of a mobile phone on a contactless reader.

“Gemalto was selected because was capable of providing an EMV Certified card which proved to be the most efficient and versatile. This included extensive consultancy services, helping to design and specify the solution and ensure the whole project id delivered to extremely tight deadlines,” said Davide Scaramuzza, director of Pellegrini’s meal voucher division.

Gemalto generated revenue of Euro 2.5 billion in 2014.

In June last year, Gemalto announced that Flaircomm Microelectronics is integrating Gemalto’s M2M solution which has been designed for car manufactures in China.

Gemalto has also announced the deployment of prepaid EMV banking cards for Vodafone’s m-pesa mobile wallet service is South Africa in January 2015.

Shilpa Khatri
[email protected]

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