Orange Business Services India CEO Bala Mahadevan

Bala Mahadevan of Orange Business
Orange Business Services India CEO Bala Mahadevan has revealed growth plans in the country and new business opportunities for the enterprise connectivity company.

What are the key initiatives undertaken by Orange Business Services in India with respect to smart cities? 

Orange Business Services has been focusing on smart cities for over three years now. For us, the concept of smart cities falls under the broad topic ‘Digital India’, where we focus on state data centers, state wise networks, fleet management systems and, security and surveillance.

In terms of security and surveillance solutions, we have deployed surveillance systems for the Bihar police in the city of Patna.

We have also worked with India’s Ministry of Coal, providing them with fleet management system that allows them to track vehicles, reduce pilferage and increase efficiency. Trucks fitted with Orange equipment are able to weigh the coal and to contain pilferage.

What according to Orange Business Services are the importance of security in the digital environment? 

Demonetization has taken effect in India. All finance transactions are now digital. As such, security is now more important than ever – it is a critical component of the digital environment. We recognized this and have therefore introduced a specific business unit to handle security.

What are the recent initiatives undertaken by Orange Business Services with state governments such as Himachal Pradesh? 

Orange Business Services has undertaken several initiatives with the governing bodies in various states across India. Himachal Pradesh stands out among all the states as it is the first state in the country to have a State Data Centre that is designed using green data center concepts that minimizes power requirements and increases power utilization efficiency.

How Orange Business is contributing to profitability and cost reduction of their clients? 

Orange Business Services is constantly working towards helping our clients and partners reduce cost and increase operational efficiency. Today, we see many organizations adopting digital transformation. We help these organizations safely migrate to a cloud environment without compromising on security. Through our reliable end-to-end solutions, we have also helped enterprises retain customers. This plays a vital role when our clients and partners’ are looking to expand into new markets.

What are the expansion plans of Orange Business Services in India? 

We are always committed to offering IT solutions in India. Building our Major Service Center in Gurgaon and our Cyber Security Operations Center in India are evidence of our continued dedication and investments in the country.

Also, just like any other software company, we too have a global delivery model. We will continue to invest in our backend delivery operations and in the coming year, we are also looking at growing both R&D and lab work in India. We have seen significant growth in the Indian market and we continue to see that in the near future.

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