Orange Business powers Dobroflot to deploy IoT solution for fuel monitoring

Russian fishing fleet operator Dobroflot Group is set to deploy an IoT solution for fuel monitoring from Orange Business Services.
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The IoT solution helps to optimize fuel consumption, analyzing weather and vessel position, to save up to 10 percent of fuel costs, and helps to prevent unauthorized fuel usage. The IoT solution takes advantage of a fully-managed satellite solution from Orange Business Services that connects Dobroflot’s vessels and onshore operations.

Dobroflot will pilot the IoT solution initially on a single vessel before rolling it out across eight vessels in their fleet, including Vsevolod Sibirtsev, the world’s largest floating fish factory.

Orange Business said this pilot will enable Dobroflot to accurately monitor fuel consumption online while at sea, as well as during bunkering and refueling. It will help crew to reduce commercial losses by continuously monitoring the vessel’s main engine, its auxiliary diesel generators and boilers.

Orange Business Services has teamed up with Technodar, a Russian expert in fuel consumption monitoring systems and satellite transport monitoring, to develop the customized IoT solution.

“The savings from Orange Business Services’ IoT solution will have a significant impact on our bottom line, as around half of a vessel’s operating costs are related to fuel. An active IoT system on board our vessels will enable us to collect data in real time and map the most efficient routes,” said Evgeny Stepanov, CTO, Dobroflot.

“Orange Business Services IoT solutions could provide Dobroflot with a suite of tools and applications that could reduce their operating costs, detect inefficiencies and predict when maintenance is needed,” said Richard Van Wageningen, senior vice president, Indirect, Middle East, Africa and Russia, Orange Business Services.

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