Orange Business in M2M deal with Dacom to improve farm yield optimization

Orange Business Services today announced its machine2machine (M2M) deal with Dacom that supplies ICT and sensor solutions to improve farm yield optimization.

For instance, Dacom’s solar-powered Sensetions smart sensors with Orange technology inside will enable optimal irrigation for tulips growing in the Netherlands. Orange Business Services in a statement said that the M2M agreement will assists thousands of connected devices in 30 countries to enable smart agriculture systems.

As part of the M2M deal, Orange Business is delivering a scalable communications infrastructure and managed machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity services to Dacom. Orange Business will collect and transmit information from Dacom’s connected devices, including sensors such as weather stations and soil moisture sensors.

Orange Business in M2M deal with Dacom to improve farm yield optimization

By combining sensor technology, Internet and scientific knowledge, growers can monitor and fine-tune their production process throughout the growing season and crop information is easily sharable with the surrounding partners. The agribusiness can anticipate and optimize raw material supply through the consultation of field data and smart modules, said Orange Business.

Orange Business Services’ infrastructure guarantees reliable and seamless data transfers, which will communicate through Orange’s international M2M communications network.

Dacom achieves tangible business benefits from having a single global provider of all of its M2M communication infrastructure, such as: seamless SIM card ordering, activation and tracking through a dedicated portal; one price per SIM card regardless of location; and scalable connectivity reaching 220 countries and territories.

“Through Smart Agriculture vertical, Orange Business Services will let agriculture’s stakeholders benefit from its expertise as an operator and integrator, through an open, innovative approach,” said Nathalie Leboucher, head of Orange Smart Cities & Territories.

Pix source: Dacom

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