Netbiscuits announces free Mobile Analytics tools

Netbiscuits today announced free Mobile Analytics tools and Device Detection software to enterprises.

The company in a statement said the free version of Mobile Analytics enables marketers to develop and track visitor personas around device, preferences and contextual use, identify causes of abandonment and deliver better engagement to increase conversions from mobile channels.

Netbiscuits Mobile Analytics comes with user traffic reports and dashboards that reveal user behavior and preference through device information.

Netbiscuits Mobile Analytics can integrate into most desktop analytics software to enrich data with contextual information on mobile user behavior, uncover insights like bounce rate of visitors based on screen size or speed of connection to the website.

Michael Neidhoefer, CEO, Netbiscuits

Utilizing Netbiscuits Device Detection, enterprises can identify, segment and route mobile traffic, optimize web testing, adapt site features and technology before first page load, and improve speed and page load times to extend their reach to every mobile device.

Netbiscuits will also launch a subscription model.

Michael Neidhoefer, CEO, Netbiscuits, said: “By releasing free versions of enterprise-grade Mobile Analytics and Device Detection tools, we are empowering marketers to get back on top and rebuild the lost connection with their mobile customers.”, one of the customers of Netbiscuits Mobile Analytics and Device Detection, said it can build a number of user profiles and make actionable decisions about the web experiences, leading to better experiences for our customers.

Frank Kanzler, head of Technical Design & Development,, said: “We will be able to pinpoint the devices being used on our website down to a very specific level and also get a better understanding of how user behavior online is influenced by contextual factors, such as bandwidth and location.”

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