NCR Drive-Thru Timer improves customer experience at Golden Chick

Golden Chick, a Texas-based quick service restaurant, has piloted the NCR Drive-Thru Timer to improve the customer experience and efficiency of its business.

NCR software and hardware integrates with a restaurant’s existing point of sale system, such as Aloha, to provide a digital display of real-time data on speed, accuracy and ticket averages to optimize drive-thru performance.

Following the installation of the system in two of its corporate-owned locations, Golden Chick sales have grown in those locations.

NCR will assist Golden Chick chain to maintain the speed and accuracy, particularly in the drive-thru. In addition, Golden Chick will benefit from the real-time data necessary to identify areas for improvement and measure consistency to make the necessary improvements.

Golden Chick

The NCR Drive-thru Timer gives real-time visibility into the operational efficiency of its drive-thru while providing with the necessary metrics to make adjustments.

Jay Tharian, New Store Coordinator at Golden Chick, said: “We are piloting the system in two of our locations and have seen a significant increase in ticket count, ticket average and sales. We intend to roll this solution out to several of our sites by the end of 2015.”

Drive-thru data is accessible at the store through easy-to-view displays for the crew and managers, while reports are available to management from any location via a web interface, said NCR.

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