Mr. Pickle’s selects PAR Payment Services

ParTech, a restaurant technology company, announced that Mr. Pickle’s, a 47-unit chain based in California, has selected PAR Payment Services as its payment processing platform across its network of stores.
ParTech restaurant technologyPAR’s Payment Services is allowing restaurants to either use PAR Pay or their pre-existing third-party gateways and devices. Through PAR’s payment options, concepts can acquire PAR hardware and related services without upfront costs for those solutions.

The sandwich chain with locations across California, is already using Brink POS, hardware, PAR Pay, and Data Central for its point of sale software, card processing, and back-office solutions, respectively.

“We have had a great relationship with PAR for several years now and wanted to take the next step in continuing that long-standing partnership,” Michael Nelson, CEO of Mr. Pickle’s said.