Motorola Solutions unveils Real-Time Crime Center Starter Kit to improve public safety

Motorola Solutions has introduced the new Real-Time Crime Center Starter Kit to help public safety officials deliver their duty in the best possible way.

Thanks to the Real-Time Crime Center Starter Kit, municipalities may enhance situational awareness and predictive policing efforts.

The Real-Time Crime Center solution takes inputs from multiple data sources such as video, sensors, alarms, computer-aided dispatch (CAD) and records and combines them with data analytics and mission-critical radio networks to deliver one, unified operational view.

David Thomas, solutions vice president, Motorola Global Solutions  and Services, said, “For most police departments, the focus and field of expertise is crime-fighting and crime prevention, not implementing and managing technology.”

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“The Real-Time Crime Center Starter Kit from Motorola Solutions allows agencies to implement predictive policing tactics and leverage existing technology to provide relevant and timely intelligence to improve closure rates, help stop a crime in action and proactively identify potential incidents before they occur.”

At the core of the starter kit is Motorola’s Real-Time Intelligence Console (RIC) that will integrate video and other solutions with an agency’s existing system, including dispatch platforms, to help identify and distribute information to first responders.

By sharing the right information at the right time, agencies can shorten response time, proactively deploy resources and increase situational awareness.

The Motorola Real-Time Crime Center Starter Kit package consists of the RIC platform including software licensing for a RIC console position and connections to support interfacing with a CAD platform and up to two video management platforms.

The starter kit will give customers the ability to connect up to 100 existing cameras back into the RIC, integrating feeds from multiple video management systems on to one screen and selecting the most relevant video for improved incident management.

Motorola’s professional services help guide departments through Real-Time Crime Center visioning, training and needs assessments.

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