MobileIron helps Oxford Health to keep sensitive data secure   


Oxford Health is leveraging the securing capabilities of MobileIron to revolutionize its healthcare practices by mobilizing clinicians.

Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust is a regional strand of the UK’s National Health Service. It believes secure mobile access to patient data is imperative to providing healthcare to a growing and ageing population.

Oxford Health’s new mobility strategy replaces laptops and BlackBerry devices with iPads and provides nearly 3,000 clinicians, managers, and executives with secure access to patient information via iOS devices secured by MobileIron.

With MobileIron Apps@Work, Oxford Health can easily and securely provide employees with custom-built applications like CareNotes Mobile, which allows for secure access and automated uploading of patient notes.

Another new application guides clinicians on best practices for discussing sensitive information during visits, which could improve patient outcomes.

“Laptops got in the way of our clinicians’ efforts to spend less time on administration and more time with patients,” said Mark Walker, Head of IT, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust.

“With MobileIron, our clinicians can now seamlessly take notes on their iPads as they work. We’ve eliminated a major barrier to their productivity,” said Walker.

Arya MM

[email protected]

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