Microsoft assists Helsinki Bus Transportation to better customer satisfaction

Enterprise IT vendor Microsoft is assisting Helsinki Bus Transportation, Finland, to analyze data to improve decision-making, fuel economy and customer satisfaction.

Helsinki Bus Transportation can now track traffic data, driver performance and gas usage utilizing a data warehouse solution developed with CGI (formerly Logica) and Microsoft software including Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Office and Power Map.

Within the first two years of implementation, the transportation company noticed 5 percent savings in fuel costs due to more careful driving and improved maintenance. This apart, Helsinki Bus Transportation also benefited from 7 percent increase in customer satisfaction since deployment, said Microsoft in a blog post.

Helsinki Bus Transportation, Finland

Helsinki Bus Transportation added Power Map to the solution in May 2013, providing a visualization of operational performance by a single driver or across the system.

Mapping the data allows the transport company to see which routes experience the most delays and breakdowns and to associate data on individual driver performance with specific traffic incidents or customer feedback.

Microsoft said supervisors can bring map data into conversations with drivers, making it easier to review performance and outline steps for improvement. Power Map visualizations also enable executives to more quickly understand the factors that contribute to cost or performance issues and make more informed long-term decisions.

Michael Andersson, technical director at Helsinki Bus Transportation, said: “Our data warehouse solution can combine the data across all buses and lines, which gives us snapshots of data that are easy to understand and helpful in solving business problems.”

To help streamline cost analysis, Helsinki Bus Transportation set up a data warehouse system to track financial and operational data. It also installed sensors on its fleet of buses to capture real-time performance data such as geographic location, braking or accelerating, and fuel consumption.

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