IriTech scanning showcased for pension distribution in Andhra Pradesh

IriTech said Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu has demonstrated IriShield USB MK2120U device at the state’s iris scanning facility for pension distribution.

The U.S. based IriTech, a member of the Texas Instruments Design Network, is manufacturing the iris scanner for the Indian Aadhaar project. Aadhaar, a national biometric project, aims to register 1.2 billion Indian residents.

Biometronic Technology, its Indian partner, is marketing the iris scanning device which received the approval from the Indian government.

iris scanning facility showcased for pension distribution

“Andhra Pradesh’s decision to use iris technology as a primary method to issue Aadhaar verified DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer) will address concerns of total inclusiveness of its residence as well as providing a more accurate and a hygiene solution,” said Binod E. Mathai, director of Biometronic Technology.

Last year, IriTech joined FIDO (Fast Identity Online) alliance to join on the mission to deliver open and scalable specifications for secure and interoperable authentication technologies. In January 2015, IriTech developed a new technology that can accurately capture and process iris images under direct sunlight of over 100,000 lux.

Last month Nandan Nilekani, the co-founder of Infosys and former UIDAI Chairman, said that the future generation of smartphones will have iris cameras within a year or two. iris recognition technology in mobile devices will provide a significant enhancement in security.

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