Interop 2014: Avaya to demo Fabric Connect network

At the Interop 2014, enterprise business communications vendor Avaya will demo Fabric Connect network.

Avaya’s Fabric Connect network is not a new technology. Avaya has deployed Fabric Connect in many of its largest customers including the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics and InteropNet.

For last year’s InteropNet, the Avaya Fabric Connect network required 1/10 the resources of prior years.

AvayaAvaya said it simplified network infrastructures with Fabric Connect technology driving the Automated Campus, which now extends to the wireless edge with the introduction of a new series of Wireless LAN solutions.

The Wireless LAN 9100 Series can reduce end user waiting time by offering gigabit Wi-Fi throughput. The WLAN 9100 Application Control feature recognizes over 1,000 business and personal applications and allows administrators to create granular policies to block, restrict and/or prioritize specific applications.

Avaya Fabric Connect automatically configures the distribution and core switches, so IT personnel need only configure edge devices.

In addition, Avaya’s Fabric Connect now extends to the new Wireless LAN 9100 series for zero-touch provisioning of access points and edge-only provisioning of services. IT departments save hours and reduce the potential for errors that cause outages.

“With many wireless infrastructure solutions, the actual applications that users are running over the network are invisible to IT. However, this information is critical to profiling and managing network usage. Avaya WLAN 9100 allows IT administrators to apply application-specific policies to manage network performance and security,” said Alan Hase, vice president, Unified Access and Identity Solutions.

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