IBU World Championships Biathlon deploys Meru Networks Wi-Fi

IBU World Championships Biathlon 2015 at the Kontiolahti Stadium in Finland has deployed Meru Networks to deliver Wi-Fi in tough weather conditions.

The annual event attracted more than 500 journalists, photographers, VIPs, IBU (International Biathlon Union) staff, athletes and trainers. Meru Networks 802.11 ac AP832e access points network supported the demanding sports venue with high concurrent use and high bandwidth applications.

Palmionet, Meru’s partner designed and implemented Meru’s 802.11 ac AP832e access points network for harsh outdoor environment and deployed in climate proof housings to withstand sub-zero temperatures, wind and snowy conditions.

Meru’s 802.11ac AP832e access points were deployed in climate-proof housings to withstand sub-zero temperatures, wind and snowy conditions. The Biathlon competition venue was located 120 meters above sea level.

Meru Wi-Fi deal

The photographers who needed to send images instantly from their digital cameras and laptops used Meru Networks. The broadcaster used wireless to get access to online results services. The network also delivered services to video and print journalist.

Local mobile operators Elisa, DNA and Sonera provided extra capacity with 3G and 4G connections and supported around total of approximately 6,000 simultaneous users for public internet access.

“As each competition ended, we regularly saw up to 250 photographers logging on to send images wirelessly, while competitors and support staff were on it continuously using multiple devices to access social media and the IBU site,” said Heimo Koskela, the IBU local organizing committee’s chief of timing.

Meanwhile Meru Network has been deployed by London’s The Clubhouse. Meru’s 802.11ac Wi-Fi is deployed to support high density environment in business club, lounge and meeting spaces for entrepreneurs.

Bishop O’Dowd High School has also deployed a Meru wireless network, this month, to address the growing number of wireless devices on campus which will support approximately 1,200 students and 125 staff.

Image source: IBU World Championships Biathlon

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