IBM powers Healthcare sciences publisher PLM for mobile apps

IBM said that PLM, a Latin American healthcare sciences publisher, has launched as many as 35 mobile apps – using IBM MobileFirst application development portfolio — to provide information on conditions such as cancer and heart disease.

Healthcare providers using a mobile device can now access the most up-to-date information to deliver better patient care, said IBM.

According to a recent report, 9 in 10 healthcare providers will use smartphones in a professional capacity this year. The main reason physicians use smartphones is to access drug information.

PLM used the IBM MobileFirst application development portfolio to convert its medical reference guides into 35 mobile apps to deliver access to information about diseases, treatments and medicines, enabling clinicians to improve patient care.

IBM mobile apps


Doctors and health specialists have based millions of treatment decisions on the information in PLM’s database that includes dosing information for different patient characteristics such as age and weight, and highlights potential interactions between prescriptions.

PLM selected IBM Worklight for app development and security capabilities. This apart, IBM has enabled PLM to standardize its mobile initiatives and improve the user experience across multiple devices and operating systems.

PLM has reduced mobile app development costs, decreased time-to-market from months to weeks, and influenced changes in how healthcare providers work.

At present, PLM is planning to use the IBM MobileFirst portfolio to provide clinicians with access to healthcare analytics via mobile devices. Additionally, with better insight into how the data is being accessed and applied by clinicians, PLM will be able to further streamline communications and content, and expand its business to new regions.

For example, PLM will be able to send alerts to users about the availability of new medicines based on consulting patterns.

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