IBM announces $23 million deal with London South Bank University

IBM today announced its $23 million IT deal with the London South Bank University (LSBU) to supply analytics, mobile, social and security solutions on cloud.

LSBU has invested in the five year platform which is expected to better students’ learning experience and help the institution achieve its digital transformation targets.

IBM Exceptional Student Experience aims to transform universities and colleges by delivering a personalized engagement from the application process, throughout their student life, to graduation and beyond.

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Collaboration, provision and variety in modes of learning, including mobile access to applications, social communities for knowledge sharing, online profiling, and dynamic learning environments are the main benefits of LSBU’s investment in IBM’s Exceptional Student Experience.

As part of the deal, LSBU’s IT environment will move to SoftLayer cloud platform. LSBU will have the ability to manage performance demands of digitally connected students. In addition, by moving the infrastructure online the space taken by the original data centers will now be transformed into additional teaching space.

The IBM solution for the education sector, which will be delivered through the Softlayer platform, will allow LSBU to interconnect when monitoring its students’ academic progress, creating a holistic overview for every single student’s personalized learning experience.

Through predictive analytics, Exceptional Student Experience will enable LSBU to identify students who may require additional support with their studies, and will enable them to intervene with those students to offer any help that may be needed.

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