Hyundai Motor faces chip shortage affecting car production

A global chip shortage affecting automakers is expected to disrupt production at South Korea’s Hyundai Motor from April, Financial Times reported.
Hyundai and car technology
A Hyundai spokesperson told Reuters that the automobile company was aware of the auto industry’s rising concerns over chip supplies, and that it was closely monitoring the situation to take necessary measures and optimize production in line with the supply conditions.

Hyundai had been able to avoid a hit from the shortage so far largely because it maintained a stockpile of chips unlike its global peers, Reuters reported last month.

The chip shortage has forced production cuts worldwide, including at Volkswagen and General Motors, prompting countries including Germany and the United States to ramp up efforts to resolve the critical situation.

Hyundai had been adjusting production of its weaker-selling models such as the Sonata to save chips, a union official told Reuters in February.

The official said this month that production had not abated for popular models such as the Palisade, the new Tucson and the Genesis GV, but the automaker has stopped overtime and weekend production for less-popular models.