Hugo Boss taps Toshiba to create in-store experiences for shoppers

Hugo Boss is creating new in-store experiences for its shoppers with Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions.
Toshiba’s TCx 800Hugo Boss will be using Toshiba’s TCx 800 to revitalize its front end and TCx 300 to optimize its mobile capabilities for creating personalized shopping experiences.

Toshiba’s experts worked together with Hugo Boss’ to define the global standard for the brand’s point-of-sale hardware and enable in-store mobile technology for convenient, frictionless checkout experiences at its 5,000 square foot store in SoHo.

Toshiba’s TCx 800 is a point-of-sale solution that can be configured over a dozen ways, and its maneuverability helps store associates improve shopper engagement at checkout. The TCx 300 will serve as a back-office server to help Hugo Boss amplify its mobile footprint.

Toshiba’s CareFlex maintenance program ensures that Hugo Boss’ systems are always up and running to serve their customers — a mission-critical consideration for this specialty retailer.

“Hugo Boss cares about its customers’ in-store experience and their progressive, future-forward thinking brand presence is inspiring. This is a brand that really takes delivering an engaging in-store experience seriously,” said Bill Campbell, Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions Senior Vice President, Head of Global Sales.

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