How local merchants can build biz via apps?

MultiAd has released LOCALprices, a deal/offer platform for media companies to help merchants quickly push last minute deals and offers to shoppers using mobile devices.

The new platform includes a newspaper branded mobile app and web-based software to help newspaper easily manage their merchants and offers.

According to MultiAd, LOCALprices allows merchants to promote and sell their goods fast as some goods are perishable and need to be sold by the end of the day while sometimes customers return products or cancel appointments.

In addition, merchants can create an offer in minutes with a photo, heading and description with start and stop time details allowing customers to book and pay for the offer directly from their mobile phone.


LOCALprices allow shoppers to browse and purchase with no waiting period, no minimum purchase, no coupons or codes to scan.

This apart, newspaper can also reclaim revenue lost to direct mail, digital coupons and group buying sites and puts more money back in the pocket of the local merchant.

LOCALprices allow newspaper to build a strong and loyal community of merchants.

Shilpa Khatri

[email protected]

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