How can pod structure save a company?

Thanks to technological advancements, every industry is becoming more competitive with each passing day. However, you need to ditch the traditional department structure to gain a competitive edge and position yourself as an authority in the industry. This structure involves long hierarchical chains that hinder the business’s overall productivity and growth.
online meetingsHowever, the most significant disadvantage of the traditional structure is that the entire business operation will suffer when one rung in a chain fails. Thus, you must consider switching to a pod structure to avoid your business falling into shambles. It is also known as the pod model that boosts your employees’ efficiency by splitting larger teams into smaller ones.

Pod structure can revolutionize your business operations in several ways. Every company has different goals; some use it as a first step toward long-term plans to outsource their business operations to cheap labor paradises.

However, we have covered you if you are unaware of this new business concept!

What Is Pod Structure?

A pod model is a group of small individuals with complementary skills to complete a large project or campaign. However, most business owners consider pod structure a new business process. It is known as the mental shift and responsibility to complete the task placed on the pod.

Thus, businesses worldwide, irrespective of the industry, can reap the benefits of the pod structure as it introduces new ways of doing business. It allows companies to let go of traditional structure that hinders business growth. Pods can enhance team efficiency, collaboration, and empowerment. You don’t have to struggle with hierarchy chains and bottlenecks with pods.

How Do Pods Work?

The concept of pod structure is nothing new from companies like Google and HubSpot. They rely on pod structure to complete big and small projects or campaigns. But how do pods work?

In the pod structure, each member is allocated to a particular aspect of the product. The pod teams are responsible for the structured development of the product and the overall performance. Each pod team member is also the domain owner. Here, domain refers to the expertise of a pod member in certain aspects of a product.

Every domain owner has a sub-owner. If a domain owner is on leave, the sub-owner can take up all the tasks. Pods can contribute a lot towards organizational success. You need to embrace a static approach while creating pods in your organization.

What Are The Benefits Of The Pods Model?

So now you have understood the concept of pods and their working, let’s discuss some of the benefits of using them and how they can help save your company. So, let’s dive in:

1.     Job Satisfaction

One of the best things a business can offer its employees is job satisfaction. When employees are shifted to the pods model, they can become more efficient than they were before. Also, they will become more confident as they will get the freedom to work autonomously and can make informed business decisions.

Thus, switching from a traditional to a pod structure is worth it. The more happy your employees are, the better.

2.     Collaboration

Because the pod team is small, it becomes easier for members to communicate with each other. With a pod structure, the members can work in more discipline and help the business achieve the desired goals. It can also develop an awareness of the greater process of product development.

3.     Accountability

Pod structure can foster a sense of accountability and responsibility to each other, the team, the client, and the deadlines.

4.     Innovation

Constant communication between different departments creates an environment of learning within the company. It can help the business to maintain its standards and achieve significant milestones.

5.     Employee Empowerment

Most importantly, employees are free to make business decisions without the involvement of senior management. With this, the employees feel valued and that their choices are respected.

Some Important Considerations To Remember

While pod structure can be a new business concept, you must ensure all your employees are on the same page. You need to convey your business goals so they can plan their strategy accordingly. If you are introducing this concept, here are some points you must consider:

  • Prepare a presentation – No matter how big or small your team is, it will take time to understand the concepts and make work commitments. Preparing a presentation for your employees can help them better understand pod creation and its usage. Also, it will come in handy when a new member joins your team.
  • Ask for feedback – While it is a new concept, it will take time for your employees to get used to it. You can regularly ask for feedback from your employees about this new work methodology. It will give you a deep insight into what’s working and which areas need improvement.
  • Be different – Today, more and more companies are embracing the pod structure to boost employees’ efficiency. But, the strategy other companies use may not work for you. For that reason, it is crucial to measure success and failures and tweak the system if required.


Introducing a new methodology in business can feel like a hassle – and that’s because it is. What’s more, the hassle is ditching the business structure which is no longer in use. However, a modern change in business operations can help the business down the line.

To sum up, planning and creating a pod structure can be daunting, but it will surely pay off in the long run.

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