HID Global intros small RFID UHF tag for textile

HID Global, the worldwide leader in trusted identity and RFID tracking solutions, has released LinTRAK XS, its small RFID UHF tag for small textile items.
The company has extended its LinTRAK radiofrequency identification (RFID) tags for linen management to include an extra small form factor option. This is suitable for discreet attachment onto small textile products and personal clothing, such as nursing homes and care facilities’ resident wear as well as dry-cleaning applications.

LinTRAK XS is measuring 30 x 10 millimeters and consisting of a soft and thin polyester label compliant. LinTRAK XS is specifically designed to be discreetly affix onto small textile products and personal clothing used in health care and hospitality applications.

The smaller dimension allows LinTRAK XS to be easily sewn directly on the product, in a hem, or fixed under a thermo-adhesive patch. LinTRAK XS is designed with the latest generation of integrated circuit (IC) — Impinj’s Monza M730. It provides exceptional mechanical resistance and read performance.

When combining LinTRAK XS with HID Global’s RFID hardware and cloud linen management software, laundry professionals in nursing homes benefit from a complete linen and garment track-and-trace solution. The latest RFID from HID Global prevents garment losses and optimizes washing cycles, and improves efficiencies in distribution and inventory.