HID buys GuardRFID

HID, a leader in trusted identity solutions, has acquired GuardRFID, a provider of real-time location services (RTLS) hardware and software solutions in the healthcare space.
HID Global
The addition of GuardRFID expands HID’s offering and relevance in the active RFID and RTLS space, including the support for new use cases catered to the needs of healthcare facilities.

“Bringing GuardRFID and its innovative RTLS technology into the HID family allows us to enhance our healthcare presence,” said Bjorn Lidefelt, EVP and Head of HID.

GuardRFID’s suite of active RFID tags, readers, exciters and software support four primary use cases important to the healthcare market, including:

The TotGuard infant security system prevents infant abduction and mother-baby mismatches by providing wearable tags for mothers and infants. The system works in conjunction with both a hospital’s access control and network video systems.

Staff Duress, lightweight active RFID tags equipped with a call button, can be worn on a wristband or lanyard to help protect healthcare workers in the event of duress.

RFID tags are used to provide the real-time visibility of healthcare assets and enable staff to quickly find the equipment they need. This improves asset utilization, saves labor costs, and reduces theft.

Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, GuardRFID is part of HID’s Identification Technologies Business Area led by Marc Bielmann. The GuardRFID offering will merge into HID’s Internet of Things (IoT) Business Unit and benefit from HID’s sales and other global functions to support its offering.

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