Google announces preview of Classroom, a free tool in Google Apps for Education suite

Google today announced the preview of Classroom, a free tool in the Google Apps for Education suite.

It assists teachers to create and organize assignments, provide feedback, and communicate with their classes.

“Classroom is based on the principle that educational tools should be simple and easy to use, and is designed to give teachers more time to teach and students more time to learn,” said Zach Yeskel, product manager, Classroom, in a blog post.

Classroom weaves together Google Docs, Drive and Gmail to assist teachers to create and collect assignments paperlessly. They can see who has or hasn’t completed the work, and provide direct, real-time feedback to individual students.

Google announces preview of Classroom

Teachers can make announcements and ask questions and comment with students in real time –improving communication inside and outside of class.

Classroom automatically creates Drive folders for each assignment and for each student. Students can easily see what’s due on their Assignments page.

Classroom does not have any ads, never uses your content or student data for advertising purposes, and is free for schools.

Google said teachers and professors can apply for a preview of Classroom. Google will be inviting a limited number of educators to try Classroom in about a month.

By September, Classroom will be available to any school using Google Apps for Education.

The company has been working with more than a dozen pilot schools and universities to try out Classroom and provide feedback.

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