Former Cisco India head Dinesh Malkani starts Smarten Spaces

Cisco India Dinesh MalkaniDinesh Malkani, former president of Cisco India, announced the formation of Smarten Spaces, a Singapore headquartered company.

Smarten Spaces is introducing globally its artificial intelligence powered platform, connecting users to things and services.

Dinesh Malkani will be the founder and worldwide CEO of Smarten Spaces, a start-up ompany. In addition to Cisco, Dinesh Malkani worked with companies like AT&T, Avaya and Jabra across Asia Pacific.

Smarten Spaces will deliver solutions to increase efficiency, and optimize effectiveness by digitizing services provided by the developers and enterprises.

Smarten Spaces also announced the establishment of its Experience Development Centre in Bengaluru, India.

“Space design and management today is hungry for new ideas that will disrupt how people are using technology as they seek to shape new ways of working and making living more enjoyable. Efficiency, effectiveness, productivity and sustainability can be multiplied by augmenting intelligence using I0T,” said Dinesh Malkani.

Aamer Azeemi will lead enterprise consulting and strategy enablement, building on his experience in Wipro, Omniyat Properties and Cisco.

Krishanu Seal will lead Technology & Engineering responsible for creating the software platforms at Smarten Spaces to deliver next-generation solutions, leveraging his expertise from his leadership roles as Vice President of Engineering at Flipkart and in Research and Development at Yahoo, Aol and

Prithvi Shergill will anchor talent enablement and workplace experience design, having led Human Resource and Facility Management teams in HCL Technologies and has worked to start and scale various organizations and teams at Accenture, Singapore Telecom, AT&T.

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