Firstsource and NICE collaborate to enhance customer experience

Firstsource Solutions Limited has collaborated with NICE Systems to leverage the robust capabilities of NICE Interaction Analytics to help its clients enhance the end-user experience.

The provider of customized Business Process Management (BPM) services said Firstsource can uncover business insights by automatically analyzing, identifying, quantifying and monitoring customer interactions based on multiple dimensions.

In addition, NICE will also help to quickly uncover root causes and detect hidden correlations to better understand and predict customer behavior.

Firstsource aims to achieve efficient quality monitoring to track and audit all calls and take action when necessary.

Also, Firstsource is using the solution for data collection and tagging which can be used for post-call analysis and further service improvements.

The company said implementation lays the foundation for real-time analytics to deliver actionable insight to the agents during the call.


Additionally, Firstsource can boost agent performance, rectify shortcomings and amplify strengths in processes and service delivery to transform the customer experience.

“Through our collaborative efforts with NICE Systems, we will continue to strengthen our service capabilities to enable rapid businesses transformation and achieve customer centricity across sectors and geographies,” said Rajesh Subramaniam, managing director and chief executive office, Firstsource Solutions Limited.

“By implementing this solution, Firstsource Solutions will help its clients better understand their customers, while ensuring employees are engaged and ready for every interaction, leading to the perfect customer experience,” said Raghav Sahgal, president of NICE APAC.

Last month, NICE launched Complaints Management Solution to help companies improve the customer experience and satisfy regulatory requirements.

Shilpa Khatri

[email protected]