First Bank to deploy 200 NCR Interactive Teller Machines across branches

NCR Corporation, an enterprise technology provider, has partnered with First Bank to enable nearly 200 NCR Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) across its branches.
NCR Interactive Teller MachinesWith assets totaling a substantial $6.6 billion, First Bank’s commitment to innovation is apparent through its adoption of NCR’s advanced technology. One of the notable highlights of this collaboration is First Bank’s induction into NCR’s prestigious Allpoint Network. This inclusion empowers First Bank’s clientele with the ability to access and deposit funds at a plethora of retail locations across the nation.

First Bank’s footprint spans across an array of unique geographic locations, encompassing the bustling expanse of the greater St. Louis area, the vast reaches of Illinois, and the sun-kissed landscapes of California. The synergy between First Bank and NCR’s Allpoint Network bridges physical distances, enabling customers to effortlessly obtain cash even when a First Bank branch is not within arm’s reach.

A paramount aspect of this transformation is First Bank’s pioneering shift in its branch model, facilitated by NCR’s expertise. The strategic installation of nearly 200 NCR Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) is amplifying the spectrum of self-service banking alternatives, extending service hours for select offerings, and propelling the bank towards enhanced operational efficiency.

“NCR’s Allpoint Network is expansive and reliable, granting our customers the privilege of surcharge-free access to their funds irrespective of their location,” Erin Erhart, Director of Product Management at First Bank, said.

An additional dimension to First Bank’s technological advancement is harnessed through Allpoint+. This innovation extends deposit-accepting capabilities to nearly 2,000 locations throughout the nation.

“The convenience of cash access and routine banking activities via self-service channels has become an integral facet of financial institutions’ prosperity. Through our Allpoint Network and mastery in branch transformation, financial institutions like First Bank are optimizing their physical presence,” Stuart Mackinnon, Executive Vice President of NCR Banking’s ATM Group, said.

NCR Corporation and First Bank’s synergistic collaboration stands as a testament to the potential of technology to elevate customer experience and transform the traditional banking landscape.

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