Fashion Brand Canifa Achieves 54% Increase in App Conversion Rate with CleverTap Integration

In a move signaling a significant boost in digital engagement, Canifa, a prominent fashion brand in Vietnam, has reported a 54 percent surge in app conversion rates following the implementation of CleverTap, an engagement platform.
CleverTap engagement platform

The benefits stemming from CleverTap’s implementation:

7 percent increase in revenue per user over a 60-day period

7 percent boost in retention over a 60-day period

50 percent surge in conversion rate month-over-month (MoM)

4 percent rise in stickiness over a 60-day period

20 percent uptick in retention rate

A significant 54 percent increase in app conversion rate

Canifa, renowned for its extensive network of over 100 physical stores across Vietnam along with a robust online presence, has long been committed to providing seamless and distinctive customer experiences. Recognizing the importance of adapting to evolving consumer preferences, particularly in the fiercely competitive Vietnamese fashion market, Canifa sought to enhance its mobile application shopping experience.

Previously grappling with limitations inherent in their tools, which led to data fragmentation and hindered real-time personalization efforts, Canifa faced challenges in effectively targeting tech-savvy consumers. However, the integration of CleverTap provided a solution, offering an integrated approach to customer engagement.

By consolidating data from various sources, CleverTap enabled Canifa to develop comprehensive customer profiles enriched with nuanced insights into individual preferences. Leveraging a suite of engagement channels such as SMS, push notifications, in-app messages, and email, CleverTap facilitated consistent and personalized interactions with users, thereby fostering top-of-mind recall.

Hoang Quoc Khanh, MarTech Expert at Canifa, expressed his satisfaction with CleverTap’s performance, highlighting its role in driving unprecedented growth for the brand. Khanh emphasized CleverTap’s capability to empower marketers in designing and delivering individualized experiences at scale, ultimately solidifying Canifa’s position as a leader in the Vietnamese fashion market.

Sidharth Pisharoti, Chief Revenue Officer at CleverTap, underscored the company’s commitment to partnering with industry leaders like Canifa to navigate the dynamic landscape of fashion. Pisharoti commended Canifa’s impressive increase in revenue per user, affirming CleverTap’s ability to deliver tangible business impact and expressing optimism about future collaborations.

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