Farm Trans uses Mendix low-code platform to streamline logistics process

Mendix, a Siemens business, announced that Farm Trans, a logistics service provider specializing in bulk and conditioned food products, has used the Mendix low-code platform to streamline logistics processes and connect suppliers, partners, and customers.
technology in shipping and logisticsFarm Trans uses the application, Logistics Management System (LMS), to ensure flawless delivery of goods throughout Europe.

Research by Gartner states that supply chains are in a continuous state of reform as they adapt to ever-changing customer demands. Logistics and customer fulfillment is the part of the supply chain most directly impacted by shifting customer expectations.

Farm Trans, which has offices in the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium and Poland, provides connected services to manage logistics more efficiently, with advanced IT systems and real-time data management to capture the data streams of customers and partners.

Based on this input, Farm Trans advises customers and partners on areas to optimize, such as on-time performance, sustainability, and food safety, so customers and partners can optimize performance and seize market opportunities.