Enterprise apps tips to CIOs by Digital Quotient COO Vinish Kathuria

Digital Quotient Chief Operating Officer (COO) Vinish Kathuria has shared several tips to enterprise CIOs to improve productivity.

The ever-changing digital landscape, today require both inside and out-of-the-box thinking. Digital and mobile spaces are constantly demanding innovative tools and campaigns to connect with audiences in the vast growing sea of data.

Digital Quotient offerings include Enterprise Apps for Asset Tracking Management, Employee Management, CRM, Events, Booking engine etc.

Technology trends

Thanks to Cloud Architecture – which is now being leveraged for data storage and retrieval, assembling of IT infrastructure has definitely come a long way due to cloud computing. With the increased number of smartphones and tablets, mobile continues to surge. Android has emerged to be the dominant operating system for handsets. Web development now demands integration with mobile devices owing to the new tech age and HTML5 offering rich interactivity. Enterprise tools are getting smarter and more security driven due to continuous flow of company’s data on these devices.

Digital Quotient Chief Operating Officer Vinish Kathuria

Digital Quotient focuses on key industry verticals including media, FMCG and retail.

It currently works with brands including PVR Cinemas, Hindustan, Monsanto, Intel, and Cleartrip among others, and devised marketing campaigns and enterprise solutions for these brands.

CIO demands

Today’s customers demand a more holistic approach and a partner that can offer all-in-all solutions and brings not just solutions but also technology to make these practical. Also, with the rise in mobile marketing there is a huge demand to customize and shift all existing internet processes on mobile. Such as mobile purchasing, shopping, gaming, web SEO, videos, etc.

Tips to CIOs on enterprise apps

The role of a CIO has incessantly evolved today with the revolution in the digital and mobile spaces. A CIO needs to be very careful while selecting solutions and needs to work very closely with the creative team and the CMO.

Educate – educating internal user base and getting them to adopt solutions is as important as developing the right technical solution

Define ‘must have’ from ‘good to have’ – think from an end user’s perspective –a clear distinction required between must have and good to have features specially when being created for mobile

Check all security concerns – go to the application and not the browser route – data security issues and vulnerability lesser in apps

Multiple platforms – go for multiple platforms on day 1

Innovation is the key – do ensure there are 1-2 cool features in apps so users get excited and hooked

Some of the challenges in the industry include: 1) User adoption of enterprise apps is still low, 2) multiple operating systems lead to need for creation of multiple skus and 3) decision makers are still catching up on difference between desktop and mobile centric development.

Some of the opportunities include: 1) user adoption increasing gradually, as smartphone prices and 3g gets more prevalent, 2) consumer services like Whatsapp, Facebook etc. also indirectly pushing enterprise apps usage

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