Emerson to invest $100 mn in Boulder to expand manufacturing

Emerson, a global engineering and technology company, will invest more than $100 million in Boulder to expand its manufacturing.
Emerson at a trade event
Emerson will also launch an innovation center for research, new product development and industry training for its advanced flow measurement products.

“This U.S. investment significantly expands our ability to serve as industry leaders, helping customers in essential industries optimize their operations with the latest technologies,” said David N. Farr, chairman and chief executive officer of Emerson.

Emerson is recognized for its advanced flow measurement technologies and diagnostics that help leading global customers in the life sciences, food and beverage, chemical, power and energy industries.

The new innovation center will drive innovation and new product development to enable customers in these critical industries to realize performance improvements in production, reliability, safety and sustainability.

The nearly 180,000-square-foot expansion includes a new, 85,000-square-foot laboratory and manufacturing facility to design and develop products, technologies and software that measure and control the flow of material in a manufacturing process.

Emerson will add charging stations for electric vehicles, launch green landscaping, energy efficiency and water conservation programs, and provide bicycle parking at the new facility. Emerson expects to break ground in spring 2020.

Emerson currently has 630 employees in Boulder, home of its measurement solutions business. Emerson acquired Micro Motion in 1984 and has continued to invest in design, engineering and attracting technical talent.

Emerson has made significant investments in North America over the past several years, most notably in Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, Connecticut and Texas.

Last year, Emerson announced a collaboration with Colorado State University to build the Emerson Brewing Innovation Center, where students get hands-on experience using the latest automation technologies.

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