Domino’s reveals achievements from Emplifi CX platform

Emplifi, a customer experience platform, announced that Domino’s has made significant achievement by using the Emplifi CX platform to enhance engagement with customers and increase call center efficiency.
Domino’s Pizza and IT deploymentEmplifi Social Engage, the Domino’s social media management tool, automatically searches for hundreds of keywords on Twitter and monitors the Domino’s Facebook page to identify posts requiring attention, which make up only 3 percent of total volume on average. There is no need for Domino’s agents to dig through the other 97 percent.

“We were drawn to Emplifi’s social media monitoring capabilities that enable our contact center to respond to social media posts and manage crises in real-time. We often receive shout outs from high-profile accounts and celebrities, and we needed a solution to manage a rapid response and turn customers into raving fans. Emplifi helps us do just that,” said Carley Dunlap, Team Leader – Social Media and Q&A Customer Support at Domino’s.

Emplifi Social Engage has already detected tweets about the brand from celebrities such as Gayle King (1 million Twitter followers), Suze Orman (1.3 million Twitter followers) and Miley Cyrus (46.2 million Twitter followers).

Domino’s replaced its traditional email form with Dot, the Domino’s customer support bot built on the Emplifi bot platform. It can be customized and easily tailored to customer experience. The bot can also redirect international customers to their region’s local support team, which has resulted in a 72 percent decrease in international customer complaints.

“We wanted to evolve as a contact center and knew bots would be the key. Dot the bot gives customers a self-service tool while also allowing them to submit their feedback to our customer service team,” said Terri Haffey, Customer Support Manager at Domino’s.

Domino’s also recently launched its Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to text option, enabling customers to leave the phone queue and do all communications with Dot the bot via text message. This has reduced the customers’ average wait times by four minutes. Meanwhile, their daily abandonment wait has improved by 7.5 percent.

Emplifi Agent, the Domino’s CRM tool, integrates with Emplifi Social to save time and boost contact center efficiency. Since partnering with Emplifi, Domino’s increased social traffic handled by 128 percent and reduced handling time by 53 percent. Agents handle social cases in less than 5 minutes compared to 15 minutes when agents manage social media cases manually.

“Domino’s engages with loyal customers, as well as those who need additional attention, on their preferred platforms to deliver a human experience and tailored resolutions,” said Shellie Vornhagen, Chief Experience Officer at Emplifi.