Domino’s Pizza deploys Pitney Bowes Spectrum Spatial platform

Domino’s Pizza Enterprises has deployed Spectrum Spatial — that delivers location intelligence to enable businesses to centrally manage and deliver location data — in Australia and New Zealand to improve productivity and increase revenue.

“With some areas rapidly expanding and developing, it is vital that Domino’s has an up-to-date view of its franchise territories. Pitney Bowes Software has let Domino’s update its territories as required. Accurate territories mean we do not waste time and energy marketing to dead addresses or missing out on new opportunities. It also minimizes any territory disputes,” said Wayne McMahon, CIO, Domino’s Pizza.

Wayne McMahon, CIO, Domino’s Pizza

Pitney Bowes says Spectrum Spatial platform that enables businesses to centrally manage and deliver location data can apply this technology — built on MapInfo technology — across departments and applications to address diverse business challenges.

Businesses are using location information to better communicate with customers, create more targeted promotions, and promote sophisticated cross-selling opportunities. Clients who use Pitney Bowes’ MapInfo product were a key driver for this new platform and its relevance in the market.

Pitney Bowes said social media companies can use this technology to identify location information associated with status updates and other location-tagged content for social sharing.

Financial services companies can select optimal branch sites, re-evaluate underperforming branches and increase customer service by installing ATM locators.

Insurance providers can improve underwriting decisions, manage risk on a portfolio basis and streamline the claims management process.

Telecom providers will be able to plan and monitor networks and infrastructure, provide location-enhanced customer support, more effectively target high-value customer segments and improve operational processes.

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