Dell unveils Secure Mobile Access to restrict VPN access in BYOD

Dell has released an updated Secure Mobile Access (SMA) solution that enables IT in enterprises to restrict VPN access to a set of trusted mobile applications.

With the new SMA, mobile employees with per-app VPN can access to enterprise data and resources, while protecting the corporate network from security threats. It can manage and secure access to business applications and data while coexisting with personal applications and respecting personal data privacy.

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The SMA combines Dell SonicWALL  E-Class Secure Remote Access Appliance (SRA) powered by the new Secure Mobile Access Operating System 11.0, with the Dell SonicWALL Mobile Connect 3.1 mobile application, to help the IT to easily provision secure mobile access and role-based privileges for both managed and unmanaged devices for tens of thousands of users, Dell said.

Dell SMA enables IT to restrict VPN access to a set of trusted apps and prevent unauthorized apps from accessing VPN resources. It protects traffic from interception and keeps in-flight data secure.

Previously, safeguarding mobile device access to corporate data and resources, as well as protecting in-flight data and data at rest on the device – while not altering personal data – has required IT to use proprietary mobile applications, custom application development, and complex multi-box solutions from multiple vendors to support desktop virtualization and container applications, adding significantly to complexity and the total cost of ownership.

The Dell Secure Mobile Access solution helps organizations realize a Connected Security strategy by providing per-app VPN and a single-vendor capability for managing delivery and access levels to specific data and applications from any location, with personal devices, the company said.

An encrypted single sign-on VPN connection to the SRA appliance binds the VPN tunnel directly to the approved application.

In addition to restricting VPN access to the trusted set of mobile applications, the SMA allows only registered mobile applications to access the VPN, while blocking personal applications that might propagate mobile malware threats and waste corporate bandwidth, to keep users productive.

The solution secures container agnostic, requiring no modification, application wrapping or software development kit (SDK) tools, to speed deployment time and reduce implementation cost and complexity. It reduces business risk by enforcing user compliance to personal device authorization policy, and managing and reporting end-user acceptance of BYOD policy terms.

The administrator can customize terms of the policy based on communities, and the Secure Mobile Access solution records devices registered to users, as well as the time of registration for tracking and audit purposes.

The beta version will be released in April. It will be available for sale/download worldwide mid-year.

Patrick Sweeney, executive director, Network Security, Dell, said, “The Secure Mobile Access solution and the Dell Enterprise Mobility Manager present evidence that Dell recognizes the challenges our customers face, and has responded with the right innovative, scalable solutions required to solve mobility and BYOD issues.

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