Corbin Restaurants deploy Panasonic Attune II wireless audio system to boost sale

Corbin Restaurants has deployed Panasonic Attune II Wireless Audio System at the drive-thru to reduce order time by nearly 30 percent and boost sales while improving customer experience.

Panasonic Attune II has improved drive-thru order accuracy and will be deployed to other locations as well to enhance customer service and satisfaction.

The franchisee group said they have been using Panasonic’s previous generation Ultraplex II Wireless Headset System for the past 10-plus years.

The company said KY restaurant has improved its order time at the menu board with a reduction from an average of 66 seconds before the Attune II to 47 seconds due to the improved clarity of the system.

The Attune II cancels out low, mid and high volume background noise, suppresses sounds such as sirens, blaring horns and kitchen chaos so that staff can easily and clearly communicate with customers.

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Additionally, Attune II withstand the drops and spills restaurant workers encounter daily with lower repair and replacement costs.

Corbin Restaurants will roll out the Attune II system to Long John Silver’s and KFC restaurants.

“We’re able to take more accurate and faster orders by eliminating the need to repeat orders or asking customers to pull to the window and re-confirm,” said Jay Shoffner, franchisee & president, Corbin Restaurants.

Last month, Panasonic System Communications launched a new SIP cordless phone system optimized for small businesses, KX-TGP600.

In April, Panasonic launched a new version of its Toughpad 4K tablet tablet which has 5th generation Intel Core i5 vPro processor and HDMI 2.0 input to enhance efficiencies in professional video applications.

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