Cisco Spark comes with security and analytics features

Cisco network technolgy for CIOs
Enterprise network company Cisco today announced the new version of Cisco Spark, its messaging product, with the latest security and analytics features.

The new Cisco Spark comes with four innovations. First, Cisco Spark is the first messaging product to deliver end-to-end message encryption plus the compliance features.

Cisco Spark comes with tools such as e-discovery for legal reasons and data loss prevention to keep sensitive information safe and end-to-end message encryption.

Cisco Spark has the latest fluid analytics.

Cisco Spark has capabilities such as PIN lock, Web Smart Timeouts and Enterprise Certificate Pinning for mobile devices security on non-managed devices.

The new Cisco Spark has data security equivalent to on-premises storage to protect from attacks against the Cisco Spark cloud itself. Customers are now enabled to run a key server on the premises to encrypt and decrypt all content sent to Cisco Spark with a level of data security equivalent to that provided by a Cisco managed key server.

These four breakthroughs are available through the new Cisco Spark Control Hub, the new Pro Pack, and third-party integrations.

The Cisco Spark Control Hub is an advanced tool included with Cisco Spark allowing administrators to provision, administer, and manage their entire Cisco Spark service. Cisco Spark Control Hub provides the ability to manage Cisco Spark Hybrid Services and view analytics for both Cisco Spark and Cisco WebEx.

Pro Pack for Cisco Spark Control Hub is a premium offer for customers that want greater control and more advanced capabilities.

“Cisco Spark Hybrid Data Security gives us comfort that our data is secure everywhere it exists on the Spark platform,” said Mike Pearce, senior infrastructure architect, Blizzard Entertainment.

“We leverage the persistent meeting spaces to share information, ideas, and solutions. We leverage chat, VoIP, video, and meetings for worldwide collaboration and partnership,” said Sean Skalla, senior director of global IT, Service Source International.

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