Ciena supplies packet networking solutions to Colorado transportation department

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is deploying Ciena packet optical and packet networking solutions to improve its private fiber optic network.

CDOT’s transportation agencies can use the information collected to understand traffic patterns, and then use this data to predict and alleviate traffic issues.

In addition, CDOT, whose network helps the state to improve transportation safety and increase societal productivity, can provide detailed, real-time data on traffic volume, speeds, transit schedule status, evolving weather conditions, and other roadway conditions to transportation operations centers.

The network upgrade enables CDOT to connect more hardened and weatherproof devices – up to 20 devices per fiber with complete diversity and resiliency, and without any shared or constrained bandwidth.


When the deployment is complete, the ITS will support approximately 1,500 devices, which include traffic cameras, traffic message signs, speed sensors and weather monitoring devices. Adding more connected devices will enable CDOT to better manage the transportation system, thereby reducing congestion and crashes.

Ciena’s 6500 Packet-Optical Platform will allow CDOT to support devices that sense and optimize vehicular traffic flows, monitor weather and road conditions, and warn operators of impending delays or dangers.

In addition, Ciena’s 5100 and 3900 switches will provide a scalable network that can add new intelligent devices to the network.

“Colorado residents and the traveling public depend on the Colorado Department of Transportation for real-time traffic and roadway information so that they can enjoy safer and more efficient travels,” said Ryan Rice, director of Transportation Systems Management & Operations, Colorado Department of Transportation.

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