Business performance of POS software vendors NCR, Toshiba and Oracle

The latest RBR research report has revealed the business performance of enterprise POS software vendors such as NCR, Toshiba, Oracle and Diebold Nixdorf.
POS leaders
NCR Corporation leads the global retail point-of-sale (POS) software market according to research and consulting firm RBR.

NCR has 31 percent market share in RBR’s Grocery+ retail category in North America, with significant presence at both supermarket chains and convenience and fuel firms. This segment accounted for 45 percent of all installations globally.

RBR’s report also found that NCR has greater market share in Western Europe (20 percent) than its two closest competitors combined.

“NCR is committed to providing solutions that run the store to help our customers manage through the new normal,” said David Wilkinson, president and general manager, NCR Retail. “NCR is helping customers accelerate digital transformation to provide great customer experiences.”

NCR addresses the retail enterprise POS software market with two strategic products: NCR R10 Enterprise software, which is used by some of the largest retail brands in the world, and NCR Emerald, a cloud-enabled solution for grocery retailers offering software, payments and services on a subscription with out-of-the-box integration with self-checkout and loyalty management.

The Global POS Software 2020 report is based on analysis of more than 2,000 projects, by more than 100 vendors and comprising 8 million POS installations. The report includes commentary and insights into the grocery, general merchandise and hospitality segments, at an individual country level.

RBR’s latest research reveals that NCR has the largest share of POS software installations at the world’s leading retail and hospitality firms.

There were 8.1 million POS software installations globally at major retail and hospitality operators as of June 2020.

NCR, Toshiba and Oracle account for four out of ten POS software installations between them. NCR is the largest vendor overall and in the grocery sector, with major customers including supermarket giant Tesco and fuel convenience chain Marathon.

Toshiba has the largest share in Asia-Pacific and Latin America, with its solutions running at four top-10 global retailers.

Oracle leads both general merchandise and hospitality sectors globally, with international customers including Gap and Burger King.

Diebold Nixdorf’s presence is strongest in EMEA.

Heading’s customers are based in its Chinese home market.

Aptos has its highest share in the general merchandise sector.

RBR’s research shows 320,000 new POS software installations in the year to June 2020, across the 48 countries covered in the study.

New business is spread more evenly among vendors, with Germany’s GK Software in second place globally after NCR.

UK vendor Flooid and Japan’s Fujitsu also feature among the top seven firms for new POS software deployments.

RBR’s study forecasts nearly 1.8 million new POS software installations in the next five years, in addition to upgrades from legacy solutions.

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