BT managed service assists Solvay to reduce telecom costs by 30%

BT Connect Optimization, a BT managed service based on Ipanema Technologies’ solutions, has assisted Solvay, a global chemical company headquartered in Belgium, to reduce its telecom costs by 30 percent by controlling application performance over a hybrid network.

The IT department reduced telecom costs by 30 percent by using both the MPLS network and Internet resources as a single unified network to increase the Quality of Service delivered to end-users.

In addition, Solvay moved business applications including Gmail, Google apps and to the cloud with confidence that performance would not be affected.

The chemical company also moved telepresence dedicated network into a new multimedia network with confidence that performance would not be affected

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It is increasingly using the Internet as a business network while keeping the MPLS network for bandwidth hungry applications such as SAP, VoIP and video only.

Using the visibility aspect of Ipanema’s technology, the IT department identified that only 30 percent of their current bandwidth was being used by critical business applications running over the private network; the remaining business and non-critical applications were running over the Internet.

This increasing use of the Internet offered Solvay the opportunity to maximize its IT flexibility and avoid MPLS capacity increases by moving to applications such as Gmail, Google apps and in the cloud. This meant they could reserve the MPLS network resource for critical business applications such as SAP, VoIP and Video.

Vincent Best, Global WAN Manager, said: “We opted for BT Connect Optimization based on Ipanema Technologies because it could give us full control of our application performance over the global network, protecting applications according to their business criticality and dynamically using all resources of the hybrid network to maximize business continuity.”

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