BT Bandwidth on demand service aims at improving control of networking costs

BT has launched Bandwidth on demand service offering the flexibility to CIOs to right-size their network in real time, improving control of their networking costs.

A leading global petrochemical company is doing live trials of BT’s Bandwidth on demand service. BT did not disclose the name.

Bandwidth on demand is a feature on BT IP Connect Global, a wide area networking (WAN) service from BT. It meets the demands of customers who have a temporary need for extra bandwidth. CIOs can use the new service to right-size networks rather than over provision their network to meet peak needs.

BT said CIOs can use Bandwidth on demand to increase bandwidth in real time when needed, for the period they require.

A customer’s IT team can temporarily boost bandwidth to improve video quality during an internal webcast. Another example is in the retail industry where bandwidth flexes can help accommodate peak shopping periods.

The new feature is managed via BT’s online self-service portal. Bandwidth flexes can be done immediately or scheduled up to one year in advance.

“The new feature is part of our Dynamic Network Services program, which harnesses the latest SDN (software-defined networking) and NFV (network functions virtualisation) technologies to deliver more flexible and efficient network solutions,” said Keith Langridge, vice president of network services at BT.

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