Boeing expands technology center in Bengaluru, India

Boeing has expanded Engineering and Technology Center in Bengaluru, India doubling the existing 160,000 sq. ft.
Boeing and technology
The facility will house another 1,000 new employees, who will work on technologies that will drive aerospace innovation from India.

The facility will incorporate software technologies into design, manufacturing and service offerings, Boeing will continue to scale up its aerospace, R&D and engineering activities in its existing facilities, which are also pursuing a journey of growth.

The center has increased its employees from 100 in early 2017, to over 1,000. It will have a team of over 2,500 employees in specialized fields of IT, engineering and R&D. Key focus would be on areas such as Product Lifecycle Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Data Analytics and Software Design for aerospace.

“The IT talent and capabilities available in India will be an enabler for Boeing’s success across the world,” Ted Colbert, Boeing’s chief information officer (CIO) and SVP of Information Technology & Data Analytics, said.

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