BlackBerry intros Spark EoT platform

BlackBerry has introduced BlackBerry Spark, an Enterprise of Things (EoT) platform for building hyper-connectivity.

BlackBerry Spark

BlackBerry Spark customers can create new user experiences that take advantage of hyperconnectivity.

In a hospital, a patient’s slowing heartbeat can trigger an alert to the medical team and prepare the patient’s room for emergency care. This includes automatically raising the bed to the right level, starting up a ventilator or pump to deliver prescribed treatments, and bringing elevators to the floors.

Employees can soon put virtual assistants such as Alexa to work for the first time by giving them ultra-secure access to information and workflows they can’t see today such as employee files, calendars, and emails.

In transportation, BlackBerry Spark allows connected vehicles to communicate in real-time with other vehicles and critical infrastructure because the data transferred inside and outside the vehicle is encrypted and certified by BlackBerry Spark as genuine.

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