Bellevue College deploys wired and wireless access network from Aruba

Bellevue College, Washington State, has deployed a unified wired and wireless access network based on Aruba’s Mobile Virtual Enterprise (MOVE) architecture.

The new infrastructure delivers campus-wide wireless access inside buildings and outside to the College’s 36,000+ students, faculty and staff as well as guests, enabling Bellevue to use mobile devices on campus.

Bellevue’s previous network could not deliver enough coverage and capacity.

Bellevue College deployed the network including Aruba Access Points, 7200 Series Mobility Controllers, Aruba Mobility Access Switches, the AirWave Network Management System and the ClearPass Access Management System — in two months.

The network supports up to 15,000 simultaneous wireless device connections at any given time across the 100-acre campus.

Bellevue College deploys wired and wireless access network from Aruba

Russ Beard, VP of Information Services/CIO for Bellevue College, said: “Our students’ laptops, tablets and smart phones are becoming an integral part of their college environment – both inside and outside of classrooms. They are being used continuously to access educational tools and materials that are improving the learning process.”

The new unified infrastructure supports access to Bellevue’s Canvas learning management system, which is currently the most-used application on campus, as well as Microsoft Lync, which provides Bellevue’s faculty with a robust solution for student and campus staff contact.

The network supports a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) program and interactive whiteboards, and will soon be used for lecture capture and video broadcast solutions that will help the College enact the ‘flipped classroom’ model for some of its courses.

In addition, the College radio station uses the Aruba network to stream its digitized programming to students, and Bellevue’s TV station will eventually use the network to upgrade its services as well.

Aruba’s AirWave Network Management System allows the College to identify who is on the network, where they are accessing the network, the mobile devices they are using and how much bandwidth is being consumed by specific devices.

ClearPass enables Bellevue to easily and securely onboard mobile devices, ensuring that each user has the right access privileges based on who they are and what device they’re using.

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