Avaya wins new clients for AvayaLive Engage

Avaya is now helping The College of William and Mary, The Pennsylvania State University and The University of Texas increase interaction and collaboration among teachers and students.

The universities turned to AvayaLive Engage and mobile and integrated video conferencing to create collaborative learning environments that transform the educational experience, attracting more students and helping schools broaden their reach.

AvayaLive Engage is an immersive, collaborative cloud-based application that enables students and teachers to engage as avatars in collaboration sessions featuring 3D visuals, video, and spatial audio within its own virtual classroom environment, Avaya said.

The virtual learning platform helps educational institutes expand reach and drive better student engagement and gain a competitive advantage.

The collaborative approach is helpful in educational institutions that follow one-to-many learning model.

Avaya  platform helps them create a personalized learning environment which provides mobile, on-demand access to resources and enable the delivery of both online and traditional course options, Avaya said.

The College of William & Mary selected AvayaLive Engage for delivering online non-degree programs in the Center for Corporate Education (CCE).

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The Stuckeman School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at The Pennsylvania State University is using a virtual environment powered by AvayaLive Engage for its Master of Professional Studies (MPS).

The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston School of Biomedical Informatics uses Avaya virtual learning platform to simulate hospital in-patient rooms that enable students to better experience and learn the challenging work flow at the point of care.

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